I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

live free or die, for death is not the worst evil.

Wednesday 3 March 2010

Now we are free to imprison our souls

Sold my soul to the Devil,

She gave me a heart stone cold.

Howling on a whole moon light,

She’s prowling to devour souls that have just been sold.

Haunted by demons,

I’m a psycho path fucking a holy whore.

Bowing to others Expectation?

No, expectations a Bitch, that I’m sticking my fingers in and slapping,

Till in a fit, pissing myself, excited in a laughing Stitch.

My addictions like that second skin I can’t help but scratch,

To resist the uncontrollable urge to itch,

I fever, convulse and twitch.

Persisting in her sharp taunts

She flaunts her genitaler,

Reduced in vocabulary

I’m breaking the rules as if I were a failure.

Razor to my main vein I’m dead inside anyway.

With a razor to my vein

I’m dead inside anyway.

Caught in a nightmare,

With no control of the outcome,

Left in my bed to rot to dead,

So why bother with the how come?

Immortalizing self,

What a petty mans game.

I’m living for Now eternally,

I've already forgotten my name.

No longer walking between Birth and Death,

Confined by DNA.

Even though I still breathe a breath,

The Sun’s taken mine away.

Eating my food alive,

Ruled in a extremely pious way,

Forced by a Super Natural Instinct,

Now Feeling is Reason’s prey.

No more screaming confusion and doubt,

No more looking for away out.

Now with extra sensory hearing,

The quiet background radiation I constantly hear shout.

Cause and effect under control by simple timing,

Standing with the Universe in mind to the Multi I’m aligning.

Allied with will, imprisoned even more still

If I say I can’t anymore, to myself, I’ll be lying.

Living it first hand,

No longer cursed and

No longer blessed.

I’ve forsaken God and Mankind and

To the Devil I’m his best.

Chose my own direction on the Cross Road,

All for the price of a measly soul sold.

John London

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