I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

live free or die, for death is not the worst evil.

Tuesday 31 January 2012

Self Healing

Visualization, a mental immunization,
It’s a tabloid sensation coz we pray to the sun.
I’m on the run; I killed a nun, adrenaline pumping till I’m numb, who wants to do the sum.
Fuck the math; it was wrath, raw like Eddie. Take half with sex, Luger Lex, Kruger like Freddie.
A machete, hang or guillotine, Mack 3 we ready.

Go steady on drinking, drunk on lust, teenage musk, arousal ivory tusk. After dusk the mask is off to do the daily rounds at night.
Ding ding start fight. Dons on, hung long, times past, songs gone. Left with melody to produce harmony in your midst: chaos.
Never will was be the man of the house, never Bill Cosby the man of the house, travel south for the season change in mood. What time or day is it now? How’s a brown cow to survive in a pond the size of a soft organism that’s micro… scopic.

Change the topic like habits that turn soar, was sweet till decay came and took away my smile real power. And just as a contagious is a yawn, natural form can for warn a stage not sawn, a page from a book rip… torn.
I’m just acting on my passion, cars a crashing, tires slashing on a ration, stop harassing…

So what I’m plain, you’re tame and now, I’m bored of this game…

Wednesday 23 November 2011

A Women’s Pride

A woman is
A big cat.
A lioness.
A Lioness hunting more than the males.
The King of the jungle?? Only when it suits the tall tales.

A woman is a lioness who looks after her pride.
Strong taking care of her young even when the alpha man has gone.
A woman is a lioness who doesn’t need to be a shy.
Alone, Far from home an angel star bearing more than the scars can show.
A woman is a lioness she takes it all in her stride.
A woman is a lioness she doesn’t need to run and hide.

Fuck with her pride and she will right your wrong till death.
Take you to your last breath then rip you apart till there’s nothing left,
Or leave you as you are, a half arsed carcass.
She'll tell you you’re a worthless challenger and your game is Heartless.

Firm flirtatious feline down to do some “crime”, live in the grime and turn it into a den.
In it till the end.
A cub’s best friend.
Maternal instincts take over.
A responsibility make over.
Selected genes made it thus distance through ancestors persistent and resistance to entropy.
So why stop now and let them down?

Doing only what I know how.
When? Now not whenever
Never? ‘It doesn’t exist yet or ever will if my will has its way’.

A Lioness is eternally in the right now moment.
Hurting inside and taking it all in her stride.
A life of struggle not a free fun ride.
If you ever hurt her or her pride...

...You better run and hide.

It’s not that precious unless it comes under pressure.
Motives will turn treacherous like when pirates look for treasure.
Pain is what you’ll get if my hurt is for pleasure.
Universally wise it is strength beyond measure.

Tuesday 22 November 2011

We can overcome anything...

With peace in our hearts and unity of mind the grey heavy clouds of doubt and fear disappear.
Climb the mountain to heights achieved by few.
Look beyond what feeble people do.
Above all value yourself and to thine own self be true.
Don’t be lead astray by ego games ain’t real.
Do what you must and you must do what you feel.

Kneel before beauty and surrender all to the highest me.
Never give up hope to always try,
Reality without wings but in dreams you can still fly.

Set words in stone, no whispers to the wind,
Unconditional love for kin even if your child has sinned.
Purify thoughts by opening windows and doors,
Sail uncharted shores with devotional deeds and your plans are assured.
Don’t hoard for a rainy day or waste space-time it’s priceless,
With a bigger bank account whatever the amount it’s all still lifeless

Waking life is just a big dream larger than the silver smoke screen,
Who needs drugs? With a divine mind, yours and mine.

All material is illusion constructed by ego.

Sorry for the inconvenience: Reality under construction.

John London
Oct 2009

Wednesday 3 March 2010

Humans are fraught with errors

Don’t let your errors overwhelm you,

Nor a lens thru which you see the world.

Strength can over come any hardship

And turn your struggles into pearls.

All is becoming. What are you becoming?

Strengthen will, shine reason on emotion

And live simply in practical wisdom.

Thought, word and deed

Aligned with the essence,

Open the door to opportunity, chance and the smallest possibility

And the universe has your back

In less then nano seconds.

Out of the darkness is light.

The light is refracted into a rainbow.

All colours and vibrations break down,

Into a myriad other shapes and sounds

Puzzling to the mind lost in its own identity,

Locked in a self made box of a well known enemy.

Animal by nature, features well out of character,

Endurance and stamina reflects its true stature.

John London

Never Stop Dreaming

Dream the highest ideals.

Imagine the impossible as nothing.

Work on how your reality feels,

With blood, sweat and tears, and no bluffing.

Fear not the weak,

Find strength from negative thoughts.

Steer your course away from petty causes,

Seek the valley of darkness alone,

On armoured values and words from horses.

Calm, share your ruthless truth

Not for praise nor blame,

Love all that which fate binds you,

With all your heart & soul the same.

Now we are free to imprison our souls

Sold my soul to the Devil,

She gave me a heart stone cold.

Howling on a whole moon light,

She’s prowling to devour souls that have just been sold.

Haunted by demons,

I’m a psycho path fucking a holy whore.

Bowing to others Expectation?

No, expectations a Bitch, that I’m sticking my fingers in and slapping,

Till in a fit, pissing myself, excited in a laughing Stitch.

My addictions like that second skin I can’t help but scratch,

To resist the uncontrollable urge to itch,

I fever, convulse and twitch.

Persisting in her sharp taunts

She flaunts her genitaler,

Reduced in vocabulary

I’m breaking the rules as if I were a failure.

Razor to my main vein I’m dead inside anyway.

With a razor to my vein

I’m dead inside anyway.

Caught in a nightmare,

With no control of the outcome,

Left in my bed to rot to dead,

So why bother with the how come?

Immortalizing self,

What a petty mans game.

I’m living for Now eternally,

I've already forgotten my name.

No longer walking between Birth and Death,

Confined by DNA.

Even though I still breathe a breath,

The Sun’s taken mine away.

Eating my food alive,

Ruled in a extremely pious way,

Forced by a Super Natural Instinct,

Now Feeling is Reason’s prey.

No more screaming confusion and doubt,

No more looking for away out.

Now with extra sensory hearing,

The quiet background radiation I constantly hear shout.

Cause and effect under control by simple timing,

Standing with the Universe in mind to the Multi I’m aligning.

Allied with will, imprisoned even more still

If I say I can’t anymore, to myself, I’ll be lying.

Living it first hand,

No longer cursed and

No longer blessed.

I’ve forsaken God and Mankind and

To the Devil I’m his best.

Chose my own direction on the Cross Road,

All for the price of a measly soul sold.

John London