I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

live free or die, for death is not the worst evil.

Tuesday 31 January 2012

Self Healing

Visualization, a mental immunization,
It’s a tabloid sensation coz we pray to the sun.
I’m on the run; I killed a nun, adrenaline pumping till I’m numb, who wants to do the sum.
Fuck the math; it was wrath, raw like Eddie. Take half with sex, Luger Lex, Kruger like Freddie.
A machete, hang or guillotine, Mack 3 we ready.

Go steady on drinking, drunk on lust, teenage musk, arousal ivory tusk. After dusk the mask is off to do the daily rounds at night.
Ding ding start fight. Dons on, hung long, times past, songs gone. Left with melody to produce harmony in your midst: chaos.
Never will was be the man of the house, never Bill Cosby the man of the house, travel south for the season change in mood. What time or day is it now? How’s a brown cow to survive in a pond the size of a soft organism that’s micro… scopic.

Change the topic like habits that turn soar, was sweet till decay came and took away my smile real power. And just as a contagious is a yawn, natural form can for warn a stage not sawn, a page from a book rip… torn.
I’m just acting on my passion, cars a crashing, tires slashing on a ration, stop harassing…

So what I’m plain, you’re tame and now, I’m bored of this game…